SKU WP-001
In line with the 20th anniversary of its birth, we are launching a mini-size “WooriPULLIP”.

I’m a cute size that fits in your hand.
So you and me, we can be together anywhere~ With WOORI PULLIP

The Pullip Gothic and Lolita style “NOIR” launched in 2003 will debut as WOORI PULLIP in 2024.
With a height of 21cm (Pullip 31cm), it is the mini size of Pullip.

The Pullip that you wanted to put in your pocket was realized with the birth of WOORI PULLIP.
The eyes can move left and right, and the head can be tilted left and right, back and forth, creating a variety of atmospheres.

We prepare it with gratitude to the fans who have loved Pullip for the past 20years.
Please love WOORI PULLIP along with PULLIP!!

Set Contents :Headdress, One-Piece Dress, Boots
-Size: about 8.5 inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material
*Images are used of sample under supervision of approval, the specifications may differ from the actual product.