Pullip / Edlstein From Sheglit

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 The First Collaboration with the Apparel Brand "Sheglit" that Shines with the Beauty of Coordination!!
- Based on the concept of "One Piece of Clothing that Expresses Oneself", the brand develops clothing that looks like works of art, including elegant and delicate designs and silhouettes in its own taste, such as MODE x GOTHIC x ELEGANT X CLASSICAL. First Collaboration with popular apparel brand Sheglit.
-  Based on the pattern of the real clothes, the delicate silhouette of the doll is a must-see!!
- The vest of the "Restraint" from Sheglit series is just like the real thing, with side and back braids and zippers, and gorgeous decorations are impressive. The beautiful design that is conscious of restraints has a flawless finish to the back style. It is exactly the main role of the costume and fascinates me.
- The newly designed HAT for the doll is decorated with the image of the brand's Ulysses Butterfly, adding a touch of glamor. The included Glasses are truly magical items that change the image completely just by putting them on and taking them off. If you take off the vest, you can transform into a cute and beautiful dress with adjustable hem length just like the actual costume. you can create a stylish and elegant impression by showing the specially designed gothic print tights for a graceful style with the hem as it is.
- The deep wig color that matches the color of the clothes, delicate makeup, and eye-catching eyes express the elegant of the brand. The brand motif Ulysses Butterfly is also printed on the left eyelid, making it a beautiful makeup that shows various expressions.

Feeling:Even if i wrap myself in a Jet-Black Dress....My Heart is like a Shining Jewel.... Feel Like So.

Accessories: Hat, Glasses, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Hat, Glasses, Vest, Dress, Pannier, Tights, Shoes

-Package: Window Box
-Size: about 12 inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material
-Made in China
-Jan code 4560373833125

Manufacturer recommended age : 15 years and up

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