Pullip / Classical Doll From Victoria maiden

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The First Collaboration with the Apparel Brand "Victoria maiden" that Shines with the Beauty of Coordination!!

- Collaboration with "Victoria maiden", a brand that proposes and elegant and coquettish Victorian style of modern women who value elegance and mystery, the passion hidden in a solitary gaze, beauty and intelligence like a maiden in the Victorian era.
- A classic doll ling dress in Bordeaux color that symbolizes the brand, popular boots, bonnets, and parasols.
- The dress can also be worn as an elegant bustle style by hanging the loops on the skirt from the buttons on the waist, just like the actual costume.
- The parasol can be opened and closed, so you can hold it elegantly or spread it out beautifully. The bonnet, parasol, and shoes are also carefully made to match the real thing.
- Makeup is noble and intelligent design that matches the brand and clothes. the letters "V" and "M" of "Victoria maiden" are printed on the left and right earlobes. The red hair that has been braided as an accent is eye-catching and looks stylish even when the hood is removed.

Feeling:Invited to the Duchess of Bedford's Afternoon Tea....With a dress in the same color as Cherry Pie....While enjoying Wonderful tea....Excited for pleasant chatter...Feel Like so.
Accessories: Bonnet, Gloves, Parasol, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Bonnet, Tie, One-Piece Dress, Gloves, Pannier, Drawers, Tights, Shoes, Parasol

-Package: Window Box

-Size: about 12 inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material
-Made in China
-Jan code 4560373833156
Manufacturer recommended age : 15 years and up

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