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The Grand Prize-winning entry of the Custom Doll Contest 2022 has finally been turned into a product!"

The Grand Prize-winning entry 'Nightingale' from the Custom Doll Contest 2022 has inspired the theme of 'Elphara,' which has now made its available!!
This Elphara, themed around peace and healing, is filled to the brim with love (heart)!"
The dress is red and white in color, with a large cross and ruby colored charms adding glamour to the fluffy skirt portion.
The headdress is decorated with heart motifs and adorned with crosses and tassels.
The comforting pink hair twin-tail has a large ribbon🎀.
Elphara is fitted with hair accessories that offer different atmospheres.
For eye makeup, pink and black eyeliner adorns the eyes, and the eyeshadow has a heart motif.
The mouth is a glossy syrupy lip.
The attached cloak has removable golden shiny wings, and the shoes are fitted with hearts.
Elphara, possessing the power of serenity and healing, will comfort you with abundant love.
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Feeling:Embracing a wounded heart with warmth like the light of a lamp...I will be a nurse who brings you peace and healing…Feel Like So.

Set Contents:Headdress, ribbon hair accessory, eye patch, cape, doll stand

 -Package: Window Box
-Size: about 12 inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material

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