Pullip / PipyFilia From Nile Perch

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Plenty of Cuteness ? A Collaboration Doll with the Fashion Brand "Nile Perch"!!

- The first Collaboration between the fashion brand "Nile Perch" and "Pullip", which develops cute clothes that look like an upside-down toy box.
- "Cute!!" PipyFilia", which was designed to be a doll packed with will be released.
- Glittering tulle curtains for a gorgeous silhouette dress with fluffy volume, the brand's original print is applied to the base, and the candy pink ribbon on the chest and tulle is accented.
- Pumpkin pants with the same original print when you take off the dress, the simple blouse also has a rabbit pattern on the collar, and lots of cute elements are packed into the details.
- The make-up is put together in pink, making it a lovely face like a rabbit. Her glittery eyes are studded with light blue stars.
- Please add a cute headdress with a ribbon and a heart to the softy curled pink gold wig!!
- Included is a Rabbit pochette with an irresistible cute expression, it has a special finish!!

Feeling:If you look into the Toy Box....You'll find yourself in a dreamy fairy tale world....Acquire the excitement and happiness that make your cheeks rosy....Feel Like So.

Accessories: Headdress, Shoes, Rabbit Pochette, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Headdress, Blouse, Dress, Pumpkin Pants, Pannier, Socks, Shoes, Rabbit Pochette

-Package: Window Box
-Size: about 12 inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material
-Made in China
-Jan code 4560373833200

Manufacturer recommended age : 15 years and up

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