Pullip / Emma From Osare Company

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Pullip 20th Anniversary model!!

Bring a lot of Smile to your faces in the IDOL Outfits of the "OSARE COMPANY" Collaboration!


- A item commemorating the 20th anniversary of Pullip's Birth is finally available!!
- This time, it's a collaboration with OSARE COMPANY, which makes costumes fro many IDOLS and Stage performances. For the collaboration, OSARE designed the costume, makeup, and hairstyle from scratch.
- The concept theme is the cutest shining IDOL in the galaxy that continues to be LOVED. With a lot of Smiles, it became a Pullip-like theme that will continue to deliver happiness to all the fans.
- The costume is a luxurious design with charms with bijou, beads and star prints. The detachable crown is a beautiful outfit full of glitter and decorations. The choker comes with a star pattern and white lace. The cute star-printed dress has the letters "20th Anniversary" representing the anniversary, and the front and back are full of lace and ribbons, making it a very gorgeous starry sky dress.
- By removing the vest and overskirt, you can transform into a pure white princess dress that every girl longs for. The princess dress has plenty of frills and is very girly... The make-up is conscious of the energy and cuteness of an idol, and the delicate eyelashes and eyeliner and plum lips make it a cute face. The eyes are a special green so that she looks good with various clothes.  

Feeling:I am the most Shinning IDOL in the Galaxy....Together with the starry dress....We will deliver dreams to everyone!!....If everyone wants....I'll even become a pure white and pure princess....Feel Like So.

Accessories: Crown, Star Pattern Choker, Lace Choker, Gloves, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Crown, Star Pattern Choker, Vest, Gloves, OverSkirt, Lace Choker, Dress, Pannier, Tights, Gloves, Shoes

-Package: Window Box
-Size: about 12 inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material
-Made in China
-Jan code 4560373833101

Manufacturer recommended age : 15 years and up

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