GROOVE STORE のECにおけるカスタマーハラスメント対応ポリシー

GROOVE STORE.のEC(電子商取引)におけるカスタマーハラスメント対応ポリシー



    •  脅迫、恫喝、威圧的な発言および行為
    •  侮辱的な発言、人種差別的な発言、人格を否定するような発言、性的な発言
    •  プライバシーの侵害
    •  規約に規定された範囲を超える補償の要求、その他社会通念上過大なサービスを要求する行為
    •  合理的な理由なく謝罪や従業員の処分を要求する行為
    •  同一の要求・クレームの過度な繰り返しによる長時間の拘束
    •  ソーシャルネットワーキングサイトやインターネット上での誹謗中傷
    •  弊社の関知および関与しないサイトでの購入に関する度重なる問い合わせや商品発送の強要、



Please take a moment to review this policy. We kindly ask that you refrain from engaging in any of the following actions, either directly or through a third party, towards our company or our affiliates: violent demands, unreasonable demands exceeding legal responsibilities, threatening behavior or language, acts of violence, spreading rumors, using deceptive means to damage the company’s reputation, or interfering with our business operations.

The following actions are included, but not limited to, within the above-mentioned prohibitions:

    •    Threatening, intimidating, or coercive statements and actions
    •    Insulting remarks, racist comments, statements that negate one’s character, or sexual remarks
    •    Invasion of privacy
    •    Demands for compensation beyond the scope stipulated in the terms of service, or requests for services deemed
   excessive by social standards
    •    Unreasonable demands for apologies or disciplinary actions against employees
    •    Excessive repetition of the same request or complaint, resulting in prolonged disruption
    •    Defamation on social networking sites or the internet
    •    Inquiries regarding purchases from websites not affiliated with or recognized by our company,
         including coercion related to shipment issues for items bought from such sites, including second-hand transactions

Should we determine that any of the above actions have occurred, we reserve the right to take actions such as canceling orders, refusing delivery, suspending discounts, or deactivating accounts. In cases deemed particularly malicious, we will consult with law enforcement or legal counsel and take appropriate measures.

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