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9. Nuage(ニュアージュ)

I am Nuage.

I feel light like the clouds in a summer sky, the day,

and like a unicorn in a starry sky, the night.....Feel Like So.






"Je suis Nuage.

Je me sens légère comme les nuages dans un ciel d'été, le jour, et comme une licorne dans un ciel étoilé, la nuit."


My name is Aurore and I am a french artist born in 1973 in the east of France.

Daughter of a worker, I was attracted by art since very young, and it is therefore natural that I studied graphic design.

I first created the child's decoration, but it's in the customization of the dolls that I found my true way.

So I created my company BellaDolla.Dolls, because this Italian-sounding name reminds me of my origins. (Bella Donna: Pretty Woman)

It is in my workshop under the roofs, in a small village of the south of France that I realize all my creations.

Each of them is entirely made of my hands: make-up, eyechips, outfit, shoes ... and sometimes wig, and so is really unique.




そして、私の会社BellaDolla.Dollsを立ち上げました。そのイタリア語のような名前は私の起源です。(Bella Donna: 美しい女性)



————Belladolla.Dolls 【フランス】

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