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33. Lady Cloud(レディクラウド)

To feel our dreams  soar  to the sky.....Feel Like So.



My name is Mélie Huguet and I live in the south of France. I’m 34 and mother of 2 beautiful boys of 4 and 10.

I’ve always loved art, especially drawing and painting, so I’ve learned in an art school and afterwards I’ve made exhibitions of my oil paintings.

One day, in 2007 exactly, I ordered, as a Christmas gift for my cousin, a "Pullip" she wanted to transform in her favorite Jpop singer. At this very moment, I’ve discovered the incredibly huge and surprising world of dolls !

So, this first doll I’ve hold was a “pullip”, and this was also my first try of makeup on doll, and I must say that it has been a true revelation for me, because I could devote myself to my passion, painting, by giving life to an object! that was really magic, and from that moment, I’ve never stopped…

The dolls have allowed me to explore a huge universe of transformation and imagination, but also the pleasure of photography.

Then I’ve started transforming dolls for all my friends and for myself… I had begun to publish my work on blogs and forums, and the requests for makeup were growing more and more numerous. So I understood that I could live of my passion and I decided to open my small company “Tsubasa makeup dolls” in January 2017.

私はMélie Huguetという、フランスの西部に住む、4歳と10歳の素敵な男の子がいる34歳のお母さんです。





その後、ドールのカスタムを友人と自分のために始め・・・ブログやフォーラムで自分の作品の公開したところ、ドールのカスタムメイクのお願いが増え続けました。そして私は私の情熱を活かしていくために、2017年1月に「Tsubasa makeup dolls」を設立しました。

————Tsubasa Makeup Dolls 【フランス】

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