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27. Stella(ステラ)

The sheep on my hair is counting your dreams,
While my dreamcatcher is chasing the bad ones.
Some say "Mr" Sandman, but call me Miss.
Miss Stella.....Feel Like So.


ある人は "ミスター"サンドマン と言うけれど、私のことはミスと、

ミス ステラと呼んでね.....そんな気分

Le mouton dans mes cheveux compte tes rêves,

Tandis que mon attrapeur de rêves chasses les mauvais.

Certains disent "Monsieur" le marchand de sable, mais appelez moi mademoiselle.

Mademoiselle Stella


My name is Florence, I'm a young thirty years old mother, and I live in France.

My hobbies are the perfect representation of what I do in life, to know : photography, sewing and of course Dolls. It's been five years that I collect dolls, especially Pullip (Groove dolls), and two years that I customize them.




————PIKARINA 【フランス】

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