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14. Küze(クゼ)

Among the foliage of forest, I'm the light that nature emits.

Spread my wings and help me to achieve my dream.

Let's fly together to the stars!.....Feel Like So.





Entre el follaje del bosque, soy la luz que emite la naturaleza.

Extiende mis alas y ayúdame a lograr mi sueño.

¡Volemos juntos a las estrellas!


Photographer, Doll Collector & Custom doll artist from Santiago, Chile ( South America ). Admin of ¨Pullip Chile¨ since 2009.

This community contributed in great way to promotion and expand the Pullip World in this country.

Always present at events, exhibitions and local media. A huge fan of Japanese Fashion and Culture. 

彼女たちは南米チリ、サンティアゴの写真家、ドールコレクター&カスタムドール作家で、2009年より”Pullip Chile"のコミュニティの管理人を務めている。



————Erosanoff x Mota de Algodon【チリ】

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