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11. Farfalla(ファファーラ)

In a dreamy, atmospheric twilight sky,
I've been through some transformation.
From a tiny cocoon, it is time for me to bloom.
Metamorphosis, I must learn how to fly…Feel Like So.






Concept / Theme:
When I read that the theme of this anniversary contest "Dream",
I can't help but to think of a dreamy butterfly and a sunset colour theme.
I kept searching for a good name and found FarfalIa,which means
butterfly in Italian. I also like this name because it's very elegant.




Charon Dolls is a London based custom Pullip artist and designer. She creates dolls with themes and often collaborate with other artisans and seamstresses. Her work can be found @charondolls across social media. 

Charon Dollsはロンドンを根拠とするプーリップのカスタムアーティスト&デザイナーです。彼女はテーマのあるドールを創り出し、しばしば他の職人や裁縫師たちと一緒に仕事をします。


the artisans & seamstress

Artist: Charon Dolls

Dress: Its My Caprice

Wings & Tiara: Mei4Life

Eyechips: Lullaby for Dolls

Earrings: The Dollie Boutique

Shoes: SK Couture

————Charon Dolls 【イギリス】

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