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25. Morphée(モルフェ)

When the night comes and moon is shining in the sky, goddess "Morphée" appears like a dream.
Through darkness, she brings her light to catch every nightmare

.....Feel Like So.





Quand la nuit tombe et que la lune brille dans le ciel,

la déesse Morphée apparaît comme un rêve.

A travers l’obscurité, elle apporte sa lumière pour capturer tous les cauchemars. maybe feel like so...


 My name is Maurine Menant, my nickname on social medias is Nenndolls. I live in France. And I have 27 years old.

I started my pullip collection in 2007 with a pullip Latte. I custom doll since 2010, I have a dark fantasy style.

I love doing make-up on dolls and my favorite doll to make-up is Pullip.

I am not a professional for the moment but I will open my own doll custom business very soon.

私の名前はMaurine Menant、ソーシャルメディアでのニックネームはNenndollsです。フランスに住む27歳です。





outfit made by MissingNoMiho. 

————Nenndolls 【フランス】

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