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h, my charming future!!''. What does the future hold for us?. Only the cards can tell you the truth!... A love potion?… Choose with wisdom, one decision can change everything... PICK A CARD!. Collaboration work by Chilean artists ErosanoffDolls & Mota de Algodon

Erosanoff Dolls x Mota de Algodón

Ekateryn ¨ErosanoffDolls¨ is a Photographer, Toy Collector and Custom Doll Artist from Santiago, Chile (South America). Admin of Pullip Chile Community, who made significant contribution to expand the Pullip World in this country.

Luisa, known as ¨Mota de Algodon¨ (Cotton Ball) are passionate at sewing and create her own designs and accessories since 2013. Born in Chile, now living in the USA.

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