13. Fantasy dream - Spring Spirit Magnolia

(ファンタジードリーム - スプリングスピリット マグノリア)

Фэнтези мечта -  Весенняя дева Магнолия.

She comes  with the first drop.
Her eyes are  blue of sky, her smile is  sunshine.
It will melt not only the snow and your heart.
She's  magical...She's wonderful Dream...Feel Like So.



Она приходит с первой капелью.

Ее глаза - синева небес, ее улыбка - солнечное сияние.

Она растопит не только снег, но и ваше сердце.

Она волшебная, она прекрасная мечта..  


Behind Eniva Queen is Yulia Ryadinskaya, a creative Russian master who creates real masterpieces guided by different styles in fashion.

One of the first people who made a significant contribution to the development of the Pullip in Russia.

Over the past six years, she has created several dozen fully custom dolls, including clothes, shoes, wigs, accessories.

These jobs are carefully stored in the largest private collection. Starting from 2017.

Eniva Queen leads an active online life, writes articles about dolls and fashion in her blog, leads an instagram, participates in exhibitions.

The main mission of Eniva Queen is to bring beauty to the world.

The dolls of her work are so detailed that sometimes they can not be distinguished from the living.

This is achieved by hours of work on every little thing and be sure if something is not perfect, then it will be transmitted over and over again.

Envia QueenにはYulia Ryadinskayaがいます。彼女は色々なスタイルの流行に合わせた、素敵な作品を作り出すロシアのアーティストです。


Eniva Queenはオンラインの世界で活発に活動し、ドールやファッションについての記事をブログに書いたり、Instagramに投稿したり、展覧会に出展したりしています。

Eniva Queenの主な使命は世界に美をもたらすことです。彼女の作るドールはとても綿密で時々生きているかのようです。


————Eniva Queen 【ロシア】



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