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12. Céleste(セレステ)

When finally comes the night and his soft dark veil,

I like feeling the breeze on my face and raised eyes towards the twinkling stars, the amazed look, eternal small dreamer ...

whose look gets lost in the magic of heavens.....Feel Like So.




My name is Coralie Furrer, i have 38 years old, I am Swiss but I live in France.
My nikname is Elfique Lunatique. I bought my 1st Pullip in 2006 and it became my passion. I custom doll since 2012 and I am professional since 2015.

Pullip is my favorite model, I can express my creativity and I like customizing dolls.

I work with love, I like that every doll is unique. It is a fabulous artistic support.

私はCoralie Furrerです。38歳のスイス人ですが、フランスに住んでいます。

私のニックネームはElfique Lunatiqueです。




————Elfique Lunatique 【スイス】

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